Lady Bunt
Gen's First Facesitting Experience! (Complete)
Gen's First Facesitting Experience! (Complete)

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"Ok so I just sit like this? And then you d1e?" Gen says laughing! She can't stop giggling. She can't believe she's actually sitting on a boy's face for the first time! When Walter moves to the side to sneak in a breath Gen's really quick to grab his head and shove his face back under her tushie! She's quite the giggler too! You should see how hard she pulls his hair to keep him buried! "Come on! You said you like this!" Gen says laughing as she holds Walter firmly under her bum as he squirms and wiggles for air! She nearly rips the hair right out of his scalp! She even comments that she's TOO NICE!? This girl is incredible! She's a meanie!