Lady Bunt
Filming Footboy
Filming Footboy

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The girls film me suffering at the heels and bottoms of Vero's boots, but once Vero peels those boots off revealing nothing but her smelly bare feet that's when the suffering for me really begins (great laughs for the girls)! The odor of her feet alone nearly KO'd me. Murderotica films the action and can be heard snickering in the background as her new found friend Vero dominates and also films my foot humiliation from her phone to share on footbook! They make me do everything from worshipping her boots, heels in mouth, making me smell her bare feet (Vero wore winter boots while barefoot so just imagine the smell!), kissing the bottoms of her sweaty soles, to humiliating foot slaps that can be heard on camera as the girls burst out laughing! They both know how much I HATE feet, Murderotica promised me a facesitting shoot but she totally lied to me. "Shut up! Kiss my feet bitch! Smile!" Vero says kicking my face laughing. This is probably one of the worst shoots I've ever done, the smell of her feet seriously made me nauseous. Vero starts stomping her feet back and forth really fast on my face as Murderotica laughs, the things they did to me were enough to make my eyes tear. Enjoy my suffering, because you won't see it often!