Lady Bunt
Filming Footboy 2 (HD)
Filming Footboy 2 (HD)

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"I like when your face turns purple." Murdertica says filming the boy's face under the bare soles of her friend. "Should we bring him to yoga?" Murderotica asks. "Yes! We'll use him as our mat! Let's try him out! FEELS GOOD!" her friend says squishing him beneath her bare feet. Murderotica's friend silences his grunts by smothering him with her feet -Covering his mouth and nose insuring he can't breathe! The girls laugh at his suffering, verbally humiliating him as Murderotica's friend wipes her foot sweat across his face like a floor mat. CONTAINS EXTRA FOOTAGE AFTER END CREDITS FEATURING A 'BEHIND THE SCENES VIEW' OF MURDEROTICA FILMING THE ACTION.