Alpha Brats
Facesitting Superstar!
Facesitting Superstar!

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"Ready?" Krystal asks giggling before taking a seat on Walter's stupid ugly face! She makes certain he can't breathe, trying out various positions on his face! Side to side, forward, reverse, fullweight, bouncing, she does it all! "Aww you're all red. Did I suff0cate you? Did I smother you?" she asks with her boot stepping down on his ugly face! He replies and nods with a yes. "Good because I want to do it again!" she says excitingly before sitting on his face again! She taunts him by letting him think she's getting up to let him breathe, but right before he can take his first deep breath she drops her butt right back down over his face laughing! "Do you feel my weight? K, I'm going to put both my feet up and crush you!" she laughs threatening to sit on him with her fullweight! She lifts her butt off his face a little taunting him again with oxygen as she giggles and laughs! Krystal sits on his face to the side. Slapping his face from between her legs as she looks down laughing as he turns red! She crosses her legs over his face sitting fullweight! She continues to humiliate and taunt him, while waiting for his face to turn red again! "Wanna bounce?" she asks! "Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!" she says bouncing her butt on his up-turned face! She settles down for a bit smothering him! Each time she looks down at his sad little face she can't help but laugh her ass off! KRYSTAL'S CLIPS ARE ALWAYS ACTION PACKED AND FILLED WITH ENERGY! SHE MAKES THE CUTEST FACES AND HOTTEST POSITIONS! HER TAUNTS AND STYLE WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE! BE SURE TO CONTINUE WATCHING EVEN AFTER THE CREDITS! (CLIP TIME 6:33)