Lady Bunt
Eat The Floor!
Eat The Floor!

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Walter's caught rinsing his mouth (again) after licking the bottoms of Hailey's sandals! He immediately drops to the floor to kiss and lick her feet, begging for forgiveness! "Eat the floor! Lie down!" she tells him stepping down on the back of his head! Hailey accidentaly steps on his finger and laughs about it, then steps on it again on purpose as she giggles! Hailey hops onto his back trampling his spine! He wiggles himself beneath the chandelier. "Well I'm going to bang into this! Good job genius! God! Look at what he's trying to make me hit my head on!" Hailey says looking up at the chandelier with the camera! "Want me to hit my head?" she asks him! He's in big $hit now! She surfs across his body singing 'surfing in the USA'! Then she steps up on his head with both feet! He squirms so much she loses her balance. She yells at him not to move, then stands on his head again! "Imagine what a migrane this must give you! Look his leg's twitching!" she says giggling as she films it all, standing fullweight on his head, on the hardwood floor! Ouch!