Lady Bunt
Eat Dirt! (Complete)
Eat Dirt! (Complete)

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"You never licked dirt before? Kim asks Walter with a surprised look on her face after Walter tells her he doesn't lick dirt! "Well there's a first time for everything!" she says not taking no for an answer! Kim is going to make Walter lick and eat dirt for the first time of his career! Walter starts licking the dirt off the bottoms of her feet making all kinds of funny faces! He can taste the grass and dirt from his backyard! Kim asks him how he likes it and starts questioning him out of curiosity! She's only 18 years old and she finds it fascinating to see a guy eat dirt for the very first time! She wants him to work hard too! She wants to see him earn his pathetic living! "Try to enjoy it more! Tastes good eh?" she says for him to love it! "Oh so now you love dirt? Really?" she asks with a devious smile! "I have something for you" she says with a cute smile! "Follow me!" Walter dismounts the tripod following her back to the backyard she ran around barefoot in just minutes ago before the shoot! He follows her to a patch of dirt! He knows he's in trouble now! She plans on seeing him eat dirt in chunks! She rubs her feet and digs her toes into it! "Now we'll see how much you like dirt! Let's go!"