Lady Bunt
Dorm Room Blackmail 2
Dorm Room Blackmail 2

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Two gorgeous college students come up with a devious scheme to ******* a geeky nerd into doing their homework for the next 3 years! One of the students, Murderotica, brings her CAMCORDER along with her while the other girl Stacy approaches the nerd! They nicely explain to him that if he doesn't do their homework for the next 3 years they will be *******d to BLACKMAIL him! They tell him that they will humiliate him on CAMERA AND SHOW THE ENTIRE SCHOOL THEIR FOOTAGE! Stacy throws him to the ground and that's when the real fun begins! THIS CLIP CONTAINS TRAMPLING, FACESITTING, HORSEBACK RIDING, FOOT KISSING AND LICKING, TOE SUCKING, SOCK SNIFFING, HEAD CRUSHING, HUMILIATING REMARKS, AND SO MUCH MORE! They even find new ways to torture him such as placing a big exercise ball on him and then BOTH BOUNCE ON IT OVER HIS BATTERED BODY! And for the grande'll have to be a SURPRISE!