Lady Bunt
Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry

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Kate and Emma brought a bunch of dirty panties belonging to their roomates to shove in Walter's face! They show off a few of the smelly panties on camera, "Lick the stain Walter, Lick it!" Kate orders while Emma shoves them in his face! The girls pull the panties over his head with the crotch directly over his mouth and nose! They wrap his face into a bunch of them, putting the gross ones with the biggest stains closest to his mouth and nose! Emma tells him he needs to clean them so they can give them all back to their roomates after. Who needs a washer and dryer when the girls can use Walter's mouth! "Open up, that Faggot mouth of yours! Oh yeah you like that. You like getting deep throated! Gag!" Kate says shoving a bunch of panties into his open mouth! He gasps and gags on panties as both girls stuff his mouth!