Lady Bunt
Day Camp Abuse
Day Camp Abuse

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A young boy rests in his napping bag at a day camp among many. Out of nowhere a day camp monitor walks up and starts pushing and kicking his little head telling him "Get down! Move! Move! Get down!", pushing him to the bottom of the napping bag as she slides on in! He's pushed to the bottom of the napping bag with her butt in his face! "You better be kissing my ass while you're down there!" she tells the younger boy! She tells him to shut-up while pushing the back of his head down into her bare ass smothering him! He whispers to her that he's going to pass out soon because he's running out of air in the napping bag but she couldn't care less and keeps pushing his face back down into her ass! "Have you had enough yet? I can't hear you! I don't think you've had enough." she says giggling while still holding the back of his head down! The sounds of wimpers and muffles can be heard from her ass! At one point it even sounds like she farts right into his mouth! ***THE ENTIRE CLIP TAKES PLACE BENEATH A NAPPING BAG LEAVING EVERYTHING TO THE IMAGINATION, MAKING IT INCREDIBLY HOT! IT'S A ONE OF A KIND CLIP WITH AN ORIGINAL STORY/CONCEPT THAT ONLY THE MINDS OF MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS CAN CREATE!