Lady Bunt
Cynthia Sits on a Wimpy Young Face! (Complete Video)
Cynthia Sits on a Wimpy Young Face! (Complete Video)

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Cynthia has been asking to smother our 18 y.o. boy for weeks! Finally she gets the chance to sit on a younger face! "I kind of feel like naughty for doing this because he's young!" Cynthia says giggling. "This is the youngest boy I've ever sat on, ever!" she says. She's going to teach him a LONG lesson in humiliation and obedience! "He's not even that strong! I can just hold his arms down! That's what's good about young boys, they're not even that strong so you don't have to fear them ever! You can just sit on them whenever they're bad!" Cynthia keeps him pinned holding him down by the arms and smothering him! She shows no compassion despite his very young age and little experience! He HATES this job but NEEDS the money which makes it all the more enjoyable! After 5 minutes of being smothered he begins to struggle! He's skinny and young and looks like he's about to tap out any minute but things are about to get tougher on him! She begins sitting on his face FULLWEIGHT while still pinning his arms down! "I feel like I just squished his whole body because he's young and small." she says. She decribes what's going to happen to him soon if she doesn't allow him to breathe! Later she begins smothering him in the reverse position burying his face in the ass crack of her tight jeans! "It's like I'm riding his face!" she says laughing! "I should get a cowboy hat like woooo! Could become a new sport. Instead of riding horses you could ride mens faces!" she says! Cynthia continues smothering him for over 16 MINUTES until he eventually passes-out!