Lady Bunt
Commando Smother!
Commando Smother!

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"I'm general meanie hahaha, and I'm going to smother you good!". Alika gets a tight grip of our 18 y.o. old boy's arms as her bum forms a tight seal over his face! He has no chance in hell against her! He's so skinny and weak he can't even resist, all he could do now is squirm! "I can feel his muscles tightening!" she says laughing as she smothers him! "You're not fighting hard enough!" she says wiggling her bum on his face, hoping to see him squirm more! She continues to grind and wiggle on his helpless skinny face! "He's quite the cushion!" she giggles! Alika won't stop until she finishes him off! ALIKA LOOKS SO CUTE IN HER CAMO HOODIE AND HOT SHINY BLACK PANTS! DEFINITELY HER BEST SMOTHER CLIP TO DATE!