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Cheap Boyfriend -Part 1
Cheap Boyfriend -Part 1

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Cynthia's boyfriend gives her a two year anniversary gift! Plastic beads that cost him $2 dollars! Cynthia decides she's going to SMOTHER him! She blasts the heat in the appartment just to make sure his face gets all HOT AND SWEATY under her ass too! To make sure She wants diamonds, not stupid plastic beads! She won't sit up until he promises to get her diamonds! "I'll smother you till your )ead!" she says Cynthia SITTING ON HIS FACE! "I'm never getting up, ever!" After a few minutes of torture she decides to str@ngle him with her beeds while still FACE SITTING him! CYNTHIA LOOKS SO SEXY DRESSED ALL IN BLACK IN HER HOT SKIRT AND SEXY NYLONS! THE APPARTMENT WAS SO HOT BECAUSE CYNTHIA BLASTED THE HEAT TO THE MAXIMUM (IT WAS HOT OUTISDE TOO, SUMMER WEATHER!) SO THAT HIS FACE WOULD GET ALL HOT AND SWEATY UNDER HER ASS FOR REAL! SHE REALLY WANTED WALTER TO SUFFER THAT DAY! THE WHOLE TURNING UP THE HEAT IDEA WAS HERS! CYNTHIA IS SO AMAZING AS ALWAYS! WHEN IT COMES TO FACE SITTING SHE'S ONE OF THE BEST! *CLIP SHOT WITH A CAMERA MAN*