Lady Bunt
Celine's Sweaty Feet Challenge 2
Celine's Sweaty Feet Challenge 2

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Added on: 20.05.2020
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Wearing her old Combat boots in the heat of SUMMER during a HEATWAVE, Celine challenges you to smell and worship her hot sweaty stinky feet! She walked around in these heavy combat boots all day BAREFOOT! Can you just imagine the smell? Plus to add to your humiliation, she will be filming you to post up on FootBrats for the entire world to see! Your friends, your family, everyone you know will see you smelling and kissing her feet freshly pulled from her sweaty dark humid combat boots! It will be your GRAVE, she will BURY your face beneath her FEET as you gasp and beg for fresh air! FUN FACT: THIS VIDEO ORIGINALLY WAS NOT 'POV' WITH ME IN IT, BUT I FAILED HER CHALLENGE AFTER 20 SECONDS LOL. HOPEFULLY YOU CAN LAST LONGER? HER FEET SMELLED SO STRONG I FELL TO THE FLOOR! GOOD LUCK!