Lady Bunt
Car Seat Cuckold 4 (HD_
Car Seat Cuckold 4 (HD_

Video-Length: 7m 15s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 5124 kbit/s
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Language: English


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Ready for another wild ride with Murderotica and Walter? This time Murderotica makes a pit stop at some public washroom. "Eww someone pee'd on the floor gross. That guy in the car likes this. There's pee there too. Just gonna get my shoes nice and dirty." she says sounding excited at the thought of you licking pee off the soles of her shoes. Murderotica gets in the car looking down on you with a big smile knowing full well what she just stepped in as Walter gives you a friendly wave. "I feel really really sorry for you. Actually you know what? I don't!" she says gleaming before stepping on your face! "He must be thirsty? Being in the car all day like that." Walter asks. Luckily for you Murderotica is ready to quench your thirst! "Yeah, here's some pee!" she says stepping on your ugly face. Her and Walter point at the yellow on your face laughing and smiling as you smell the soles of her shoes before licking them clean! Be sure to follow their every order...Oh and try not looking up Murderotica's skirt or she will step down on you HARD!