Lady Bunt
Car Seat Cuckold 2 (HD)
Car Seat Cuckold 2 (HD)

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We strapped your body down in my car under Murderotica's car seat with your face beneath her boots. From now on you will be her human car mat. Each time we make a pit stop and she goes to the ladies room walking in all kinds of nasty stalls or porta potty, you will clean her boots as soon as she gets back. Every time she goes out shopping walking the grimy streets of downtown, you'll be there waiting in the car to clean her boot soles. Hiking on muddy trails during hot summer months? You'll be there to eat the mud as soon as she gets back in the car! We'll keep the windows down so you can breathe no worries. Murderotica wants you alive and well (maybe not so healthy?) so you can be of use to clean her boots all while she steps on your face.