Alpha Brats
Breanna Sits on a Wimpy Young Face!
Breanna Sits on a Wimpy Young Face!

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"Oh look at this! A new little boy I can sit on!" says Breanna with excitement! "You're so tiny and puny! God I could squish you in between my toes like an insignificant ant, you piece of $***! Useless!" she says as she sits on his face! Once again Breanna unleashes a barrage of insults enough to make him cry! "I could sit here and smother little pricks like you all day!" she says waiting for him to squirm under her bottom! "Useless tiny little body, what would you be good for other than just smothering?" Breanna wonders, keeping his tiny little face and nose pressed under her bum! Breanna continues to taunt and toy with his precious oxygen! "God you're such a pussy, you're not good at this at all!" she says dissapointed in his ability to hold his breath for long periods of time! "Well there's nothing else to do on a rainy afternoon so I might as well just try and make you suffocate!". Breanna sits for the last time keeping him under her until he eventually fades out!