Lady Bunt
Breaking his Nose into my Ass!
Breaking his Nose into my Ass!

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Nadia shoves Walter's head, face first, into Joey's bum using any and all means possible! The harder deeper she pushes and shoves his face in, the more Joey laughs and giggles! His face gets flattened between those cheeks! "You're really pushing him!" Joey remarks. "Yeah!" Nadia replies excitingly as both girls laugh! Joey just relaxes and naps as Nadia drowns him in her bum! The girls make a list of demands as they continue to smother him! Nadia stands up and stands on his back pressing the back of his head down with her foot! Bobbing his head up and down into her bum causing both girls to laugh hysterically! "You're breaking his nose into my ass!" Joey says laughing! "Oh wait, I have an idea" Nadia whispers. She gets up and turns around sitting on the back of his head! The girls form an A$$ sandwich! "Ahhh...his veins are kind of popping..." Joey remarks with laughter! Nadia continues to sit until Walter's on the verge of tears! At this point he's begging the girls to stop! Nadia continues holding him down, doing push-ups off his head! Nadia does a countdown as Walter begins to twitch for his life! Counting slowly until she nearly stops to prolongue his suffering! THE ENDING TO THE CLIP IS QUITE FUNNY WHEN WALTER IS COERCED TO STRIKE A PLEA BARGAIN TO GET THE GIRLS TO STOP TRYING TO k** HIM! HIGHLY ENTERTAINING AND FULL OF LAUGHS!