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Becca's Dirty Little Shoe Boy
Becca's Dirty Little Shoe Boy

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"You see they're really nasty, so lick them!" Becca orders! Walter's on his knees licking the filth off the bottom of her high heel shoes! "Show the camera how you SUCK it!" she says getting him to turn his face to the side to everyone can see him suck on her long high heel! She makes him suck on both of course! "You know what? I just want to kick your face! Your nasty face." she says right before kicking him in the face with her shoe! She kicks him a 2nd time, and we're talking REALLY HARD! You can hear the sound of the hard kick echo across the room! Becca looks on with a smile observing his black tongue. "I love seeing the gunk on your tongue." Walter goes on showing off his filthy black tongue to the camera! Becca tells him how much she HATES him then goes on spitting in his face a few times! Once she's done spitting on him she makes him continue licking her shoes! "We're gonna wash your face!" she says taking a big sip from her bottle. She then spits a mouthful of her drink right in his face BURNING HIM IN THE EYES! BECCA'S EDITION INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE OUTTAKES!