Alpha Brats
Beach Chair Smother 9
Beach Chair Smother 9

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"Get him! Sick em!" Nadia says ordering her cute innocent friend to sit on the Walter's face! "Beach Chair!" her friend says excitingly as the chair loudly creaks beneath her weight! Nadia laughs at how painful it sounds for poor Walter! The girls giggle, "It's quite akward, sitting on someone's face with my pants down." the girl says. The girl gets easily tickled by his movements causing her to squirm about on his face! She laughs about him being trapped and unable to move as she smothers him! "Do I let him breathe?" the girl asks Nadia. "NO! Not yet!" Nadia replies. "He can't breathe even if he tried!" giggles the innocent girl. "Hold the chair! Squish your ass into him, I like that!" Nadia says as Walter fights to move his head to the side to sneak in a breath! The innocent girl won't let him breathe! Nadia taught her well! "Wait. Where's his mouth?" asks the innocent girl. "Under your butt! Nadia exclaims! The girls laugh and giggle as he twitches and tries to breath under her bum! She can feel his lips twitching beneath her cheeks! She won't give him any air! She calls him an old man and tells him she's going to keep him under there! Nadia gets a close-up of his red face and eyes after. The girls laugh at how squished his face looks! Nadia tells Walter to quit being a little bitch! Nadia makes her friend sit on him again! Her friend has no problem sitting on his face anymore! She's not the innocent girl we once knew! "Hear that Mr. Walter? She'll sit on you till you're !". Nadia notices he's finally behaving under there. The innocent girl laughs saying he's under there! Either way he's behaving and stopped moving which is what the girls have been waiting for! WHEN NADIA IS OUR CAMERA GIRL AND DIRECTOR YOU KNOW SHE'LL PRODUCE A FUN AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING CLIP! FROM BEGINNING TO END IT'LL KEEP YOU AT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT! (CAMERA GIRL: NADIA)