Lady Bunt
Beach Chair Smother 6
Beach Chair Smother 6

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After Kate looked through our site she seen some of the old 'Beach Chair Smother' clips. She wanted to give it a try and sit on the human chair too! Poor chair! "I think I just felt your nose crack" says Kate laughing after sitting herself down hard on it's face! Kate sits on it wearing her jeans then decides to pull them down sitting on the chair in her cute pink undies! "Are you yet?...Obviously not! How about now?" she says checking to see if he still moves. She doesn't get up yet and bounces a little over his limp body just to make sure. KATE WAS REALLY CURIOUS TO SEE HOW THE WHOLE 'BEACH CHAIR' THING WORKED! SHE WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO SITTING ON IT ALL WEEK!