Alpha Brats
Beach Chair Smother 11
Beach Chair Smother 11

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We get our 18y.o. boy's head in the beach chair just so Alika can take a seat on his trapped, upturned face! By the time Walter was getting his camera ready she was already sitting on his face! "Ohh this is comfortable!". Once she was leaned back she wasn't sure how she'd sit up to leave him air! She told him he'd have to try and breathe her in! (I guess through her butthole?) "Oh you can hold your breath for a long time" she remarks giggling as he begins to struggle beneath her bum! "Ahhh it's so hot! she says. It was really hot and mucky out so she was a little sticky and sweaty before the shoot, plus we have no air conditioning so...imagine the poor boy's face stuck under her bum! She even bounces and grinds a little getting that butt sweat all over his face! ALIKA IS A RISING STAR AMONG MASOROTICA'S SMOTHER FANATICS WITH ALREADY TWO TOP 50 CLIPS UNDER HER BELT! THE MORE SHE SITS THE BETTER SHE GETS! (CLIP TIME 4:46)