Lady Bunt
Beach Chair Smother 10
Beach Chair Smother 10

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"I took off my pants, I want you to smell them a little bit!" Krystal says shoving her pants in the studio beach chair's face! He immediately recognizes the smell, it's Krystal! After teasing him a little with her pants she's about to give him something else to smell! She bends over and sits right on his face! "You like my little white panties?" she asks giggling. She turns around facing away and sits on his face again! She mounts her feet up on the chair behind her while smothering him with her fullweight! "Cool eh?" she asks laughing! "See when you're bad I put you in your chair! Put you in your chair and sit on your face!" she says. She teases and taunts him by lowering herself but not quite sitting on his face! She kicks him in the head before sitting on his face again! "You know you look a lot better with my ass on your face! It makes you that much cuter!" she says smiling! Not cute enough apparently because she gets up and steps on his face before sitting on it again to the side! She sits and wiggles her bum over his face a little as she smothers him! "I'm going to take you to the beach like this! Sit on the beach, pick up hots guys, while I have your face in my ass!" she tells him! Krystal has one last surprise for him! She takes off her shoes and begins bitch slapping him with them as she remains seated on his face! NOT ONLY IS THIS ONE OF THE BEST 'BEACH CHAIR SMOTHER' CLIPS OF OUR INCREDIBLE SUMMER SERIES, BUT WE ALSO FEEL IT'S ONE OF THE BEST FACESITTING CLIPS OUT THERE! KRYSTAL SITS FOWARD, REVERSE, SIDE TO SIDE, EVERY WHICH WAY! SHE'S SPUNKY AND FULL OF ENERGY! ADD IT TO YOUR COLLECTION TODAY! (CLIP TIME 4:38)