Alpha Brats
Ayana's First Facesitting Experience!
Ayana's First Facesitting Experience!

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Ayana sits on a boy's face for the first time! His skinny little face sinks deep into her ass! She puts her legs and feet up over his body causing his face to sink even deeper between her cheeks crushing his face under her fullweight! His face turns red as he grunts in pain struggling to stay alive under Ayana's bum! Ayana lifts her skirt smothering his skinny weak face even deeper! His face looks completely crushed under her full weight! He can't even squirm out from under her bum to breathe! Everytime he tries she just grabs him by the head and positions him right back between her cheeks! She wiggles and bounces her bum over his skinny little face! Giggling at him as he grows weaker by the minute! AYANA IS AMAZING! SHE HAS A BOOTY THAT'S MADE FOR SMOTHERING AND SHE LOVES IT! GETTING PAID TO SIT ON A WIMPY WHITE FACE IS HER DREAM JOB! (CLIP TIME 8:34)