Lady Bunt
Attention Seeker! (Candice's Edition)
Attention Seeker! (Candice's Edition)

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Ok, so Candice was in the washroom getting ready for a shoot and she was just taking forever! So I turned on the camera and started filming her face, bum, legs, heels, and body (every part of her from head to toe is PERFECTLY GORGEOUS by the way!) to try and get her attention. She just kept ignoring me, while doing her own thing in front of the mirror so I decided to splash cold water on her. That got her attention! She asked me if I was already taping but I said no, told her I just turned it on now, so she'll be surprised to see this clip and she'll probably beat me up for it heh :) I had the camera on a second time and started filming her again as she still did her thing in front of the mirror. I rested the camera on the tripod and walked up to her, got down on my knees, and planted my face in her tushie! The most amazing part is that she still, completely ignored me! So I did it again, only this time I sniffed harder! "Ooh that kind of tickles!" Candice said jumping up a little laughing, as I continued sniffing her bum! She was laughing a lot just saying how she's trying to get ready and how I was tickling her! I kept my face buried and sniffed away "You're really dirty you know that?" she asked laughing, basically calling me an old perv! I lowered myself a little and told her she can take a seat. She sat down, "actually that works!", continuing to do her thing in front of the mirror while ignoring me once more! Candice got off for a moment and quickly splashed cold water in my face just to get back at me from before! "I didn't tell you to stop!" she said laughing pushing her butt over my head! "Hey! Hey!" she said holding me up by the chin like I was her dog! "Did I tell you to stop?" (being her chair) she asked! She sat back down smothering me into her butt again laughing! "I'm just going to continue getting ready alright, do what you want!...Stupid!". So I put my face back where it belonged, in her butt! Until she was eventually ready :) IF YOU LOVE CANDICE AS MUCH AS WE DO OR JUST WANT TO SEE CANDICE BEHIND THE SCENES THEN THIS CLIP IS FOR YOU! IT'S A FUNNY CLIP! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (CLIP TIME 6:38)