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Asthma Boy gets Bullied! (Serra's Edition)
Asthma Boy gets Bullied! (Serra's Edition)

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"Can I have my asthma pump please?" the shy geeky boy asks! "Oh..oh this?'re talking about this?...How do I know this is yours? Your name's not on it. I found it! Plus it's really cool, it makes this little noise when I press this thing down!" the hot, young, school girl says! The boy continues to beg as his breathing becomes heavy! He begs and agrees to do anything she asks to get his pump back! "Get on your knees! she tells him with a smirk! "Why?" the boy asks nervously! "Because I want you to sniff my socks!" she replies with a devilish smile! Without a choice he drops to his knees and begins sniffing her socks! His weezing gets worse! She points to her other foot, "Maybe you should sniff the other one!" she says while watching the geek suffer at her feet! He begins to weeze and cough as he sniffs her socks! "Show me how much you want it!" she says smiling! He reaches out, as if begging for her to give it to him! She just laughs at how pathetic he is! She holds up the pump closer to him as if to give it, but pulls it away as he reaches out! Taunting him as he begins to have shortness of breath! In the end he curles up and falls to the floor suffering from an asthma attack! She looks down at him, looks at his pump, then just shrugs her shoulders! He stops moving, just lying there beneath her! She gets up off her stool and stands over his motionless body as she looks over her homework! Such a cruel end at the hands of a mean bully! 'SERRA'S EDITION' CONTAINS A CUT SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS! IT'S NOT MUCH, IT'S TO HELP PAY FOR OUR GIRLS BONUSES!