Lady Bunt
Approaching Strangers 3
Approaching Strangers 3

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After multiple failed attempts of approaching complete strangers we finally have another success to share with our fans! With the help of my friend Murderotica we finally manage to convince a total stranger to trample me in public! Her initial reaction of her giggling after Murderotica convinces her is priceless! I drop down to the ground right at her feet on the spot and she stands right on me with her shoes on! "So is this your first time doing this? Have you ever trampled on anyone before?" Murderotica asks while filming the girl laughing as she stands on me. "Noooo!" she exclaims. "I'll admit this is not what I was expecting when I came here today!". "Should I keep going?" the girl asks hesitantly. Murderotica replies with a snicker of laughter, "Of course keep going! He LOVES this stuff!" as I 'm slowly being crushed beneath the feet of a complete stranger! "If you want you can even say mean things to him." Murderotica says as the girl laughs, "...or you can just laugh at him" she adds seeing as how the girl can't seem to stop laughing as I struggle to breathe with her weight pressing down on my lungs! Murderotica does a great job filming and encourages the girl to jump a little. The girl ads in a joking tone "Oh yeah you like that little bitch, you like that when I step on you? Yeah?" causing Murderotica to laugh. Murderotica goes on encouraging her to sit on me as well. "And if you get tired feel free to sit on him too, if you need to take a rest." she gives it a try after a few more seconds of trampling me flat. She sits on my stomach laughing as she looks down on me. She really seems to break into things and gets quite comfortable even offering to sit on my head! "Should I sit on his head? Where should I sit on his head?" she asks Murderotica. Of course Murderotica encourages her to do whatever she feels like and to sit where-ever and how-ever she wants! The girl sits on my head crushing it between her butt and the rocks I'm lying across. Murderotica has a blast filming my face squished beneath the strangers butt! ANOTHER FIRST TRAMPLING EXPERIENCE CAUGHT ON FILM! THE KIND OF AMATEUR FOOTAGE THAT ONLY WE CAN DELIVER!