Lady Bunt
Amina's First Facesitting Experience -Camera 1
Amina's First Facesitting Experience -Camera 1

Video-Length: 13m 2s
Video-Resolution: 640x360 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 1661 kbit/s
Video-Format: WMV
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***Camera 1*** Algerian Goddess Amina sits on a face for the very first time and she loves it! Controlling someone's airway beneath her bottom is a huge turn on for her. There's some pretty hard face slapping in here too when she slaps my face back under her bottom! She was smiling a lot as I smothered between her butt cheeks slowly turning colors -she didn't go easy on me! At times it felt like she was trying to end me! THIS VERSION (CAMERA 1) IS UNCUT AND INCLUDES OUTTAKES WITH SHORT EXTENDED SCENES PLUS DIFFERENT ANGLES FROM THE PREVIOUS VERSION. BOTH ANGLES ARE UNIQUE IN THEIR OWN WAY, PLEASE REFER TO (CAMERA 2) FOR THE OTHER VERSION.