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Alika in Wonderland -Chapter 1
Alika in Wonderland -Chapter 1

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Alika finds herself a boy wrapped up like a caccoon! Instead of saving him, she has something else in mind! "You're like a worm I crush under..." Alika says sitting on the face of the squirming young boy! First she just smothers him, but what goes on under that skirt of hers later remains a mystery! "Are you getting tired? You're not working hard enough! I'll grind your face into the ground!" she says wiggling her tushie back and forth over his face! He begins to squirm again making her giggle as she keeps him pinned under her skirt! "Come on! If you don't work harder I'll tell the queen to cut off your head!" she threatens! "And I'm going to sit on it, forever!" WE SHOT THE CLIP AT A BAD ANGLE, SO THE PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED! EVERYTHING TAKES PLACE UNDER ALIKA'S SKIRT, LEAVING IT TO THE IMAGINATION!
Tags: Face Sitting