Alpha Brats
Alice's First Facesitting Experience!
Alice's First Facesitting Experience!

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"So like this?" Alice asks as she takes a seat on his face! Walter grunts a yes beneath her tushie! "Can you breathe?" she asks getting off his face for a split second! "no" he replies! "Ok!" she giggles and quickly sits back down! She continues to giggle at his suffering. Deep down she's one of us, a Mean Brat! ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE TO YOU OUR NEWEST PRIDE, ALICE! SHE JUST TURNED 18 TWO DAYS AGO! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SHE'S EVER SAT ON SOMEONE! SHE HAS A VERY SWEET AND INNOCENT LOOK TO HER, BUT WE SENSE A 'MEAN BRAT' WITHIN HER!