Lady Bunt
Adalyn's First Facesitting Experience!
Adalyn's First Facesitting Experience!

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Adalyn is a sweet and quiet girl (until you give her a teddy bear or boy that is!). For her first time she does a great job covering his face and making sure he doesn't inhale too much air! When Walter turned his head to catch a breath she GRABBED it with BOTH hands and placed his face right back where it belonged -UNDER HER BUM! She was playing a game of peek-a-boo with his face trapped under her skirt! She spread out her legs at one point and sat FULLWEIGHT! This girl is a keeper! She sits with her legs crossed as well trying out different positions! "Tes tu mort?" she asks in french! (asking if he's !). When she sees he's not she grabs his head once again tucking it right back under her bum! We get a peek through her eyes POV style seeing his face tucked away under her skirt! WE LOVED HOW ADALYN KEPT GRABBING HIM BY THE HEAD AND PLACING HIS FACE RIGHT BACK! WE ALSO LOVED HOW SHE TRIED SITTING ON HIM IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS! THIS BEING THE FIRST TIME SHE EVER SAT ON A BOY'S FACE BEFORE WE THINK SHE PASSES WITH FLYING COLORS! WELCOME TO OUR TEAM ADALYN!