Lady Bunt
$500 Pass Out Bonus! - Alice
$500 Pass Out Bonus! - Alice

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Alice is offered a $500 cash bonus if she succeeds! Alice ties him down so well (she's a pro when it comes to bondage!) using handcuffs and duct tape that he actually panicked and tried getting away! She has complete power and control over his very existance! Of course Alice drags him right back in front of the camera so she could get that bonus! He was terrified of her and for good reason! She makes him out under her butt not once, but twice! After making him black-out the first time Alice continues smothering him asking for $1000! She's trying to make him out a 2nd time! She removes the camera from the tripod mount to get a POV close-up shot of his terrified sweat covered face, helplessly trapped between her legs! Alice remains sitting on his face until he eventually ceases to move after a long hard struggle! "He looks so cute when he's about to fall resting!" -Alice